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Glasvegas - "Geraldine" (Glasvegas)


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    The Afghan Whigs - "You Want Love (feat. James Hall)"
    The Afghan Whigs - "Toy Automatic"
    Adult. - "Nothing Lasts"
    Adult. - "Heartbreak"
    Adult. - "Idle (Second Thoughts)"
    Adult. - "At the End of It All"
    Adult. - "We Chase the Sound [feat. Shannon Funchess]"
    Adult. - "They're Just Words [feat. Douglas J McCarthy]"
    The 6ths - "Just Like a Movie Star"
    The 6ths - "Kissing Things"
    The 6ths - "Pillow Fight"
    The 6ths - "San Diego Zoo"
    The 6ths - "Waltzing Me All the Way Home"
    The 6ths - "You You You You You"
    The 6ths - "Falling Out Of Love (With You)"

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